Friday, September 1, 2017

Post Training Rundown: Running In The Heat Again!

Today's training session was sponsored by: Self Discipline

This was a great inspiration to keep moving forward.

This week has been dragging on and on and I just couldn't make it work.
So... With that being said, I'm proud of myself and I see this as a personal victory. It may not seem like much, but considering the context of me eating TERRIBLE and feeling TERRIBLE... Yes Sir, I made it!

Some times you shouldn't be too hard on yourself . Unnecessary strictness can result in demoralization and regression. Remember to live life and enjoy yourself!

Soldier Complex
"...Spread your Awesomeness[!]..." Sun Tzu
Adrian Davis
Soldier Complex: Martial Arts Lifestyle and Apparel

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"...Spread your Awesomeness[!]..." Sun Tzu

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