Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Post Training Rundown: Isolations and Rehab

Warm Up

Russian Twists: 1 min x 3
Side and Front Planks: 2 mins
Bridges + 10 lb medicine ball: 60 reps,40 reps


Neck Extension

130 lbs: 10 reps x 8
110 lbs: 20 reps x 4
100 lbs: 20 reps x 2

Rear Deltoid Extension

30 lbs: 10 reps x 6
20 lbs: 10 reps x 6

Bicept Curl

30 lbs: 10 reps x 2
            5 reps
15 lbs: 10 reps x 4

Soldier Complex
"...Spread your Awesomeness[!]..." Sun Tzu
Adrian Davis
Soldier Complex: Martial Arts Lifestyle and Apparel

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"...Spread your Awesomeness[!]..." Sun Tzu

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