Sunday, November 18, 2012

Karate Sensei (1975) Narrated by Mako

Title: Karate Sensei
Specs: Documentary | 1975 | 10 min | English | 16mm

Produced over thirty years ago and nearly forgotten on a dusty shelf, Erik Shiozaki's 1975 short documentary "Karate Sensei" has now been digitally restored and uploaded here exclusively for this channel. A former student of the sensei depicted in this film, Shiozaki was even able to acquire narration from Academy Award nominated actor Mako. He currently runs a paratransit tour service in Costa Rica. Check them out at:


Directed by
Erik Shiozaki

Sensei Eihachi Ota

Special Appearance by
Sensei Michael George

Produced by
Deborah Pauly
Erik Shiozaki

Erik Shiozaki

Edited by
Evelyn Marienberg

Narrated by

Visit Sensei Ota's website:
and YouTube channel:
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