Friday, May 8, 2009

How To Do Wind Sprints!

Usain Bolt
Today I decided to change up my jogging routine and do wind sprints instead. For a while I've been getting comfortable with endurance/distance running and though I've increased my stamina substantially, my training lacks intensity and cardio.

So, with this in mind I did what any serious martial artist would do, run like hell! I began my day like any other day, yoga, stretching and eating a fruit or vegetable, today I ate a carrot. (note: Never workout on an empty stomach, eat an apple, banana or carrot. Preferably something natural, light and non greasy. If you don't take this advice you'll find out the hard way.) Then I stepped out to begin my workout. First I started off with a quick 2 block jog as a warm up. Next, I walked half a block to catch my breath and let the warm up kick in, then I sprinted the rest of the block. Afterwards I tried to keep a sprint 1 block and walk 1 block pace, as well as trying to keep the distance the same. (Street lengths were uneven at times.) Lastly, while undertaking this new routine I decided to run my usual distance to get the maximum effect and believe it or not you do have the stamina to do this.

Wind Sprint Directions (I love making lists!)
  1. Pre-Work Out Prep
    • Eat a fruit or vegetable
    • Drink water
    • Yoga/Stretching
    • Place a bottle of water at the end of your jogging/running route. (Trust me this will come in handy)
  2. Working Out
    • Jog 2 blocks at a medium pace
    • Walk 1/2 block to allow the warm up jog to take effect
    • Sprint 1/2 to raise your heart rate and correct breathing
    • Walk 1 block
    • Sprint 1 Block
    • Repeat the Sprint and Walk steps until work out is complete.
  3. Cool Down
    • Drink water (I told you the bottled water will come in handy!)
    • Yoga/Stretching (This reduces cramps and soreness, it also feels great!)
    • Eat a fruit, vegetable or drink a smoothie
    • Take a nice and relaxing shower
I hope you enjoy this work out as much as I did, thanks for listening and have an awesome day!

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"...Spread your Awesomeness[!]..." Sun Tzu

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"...Spread your Awesomeness[!]..." Sun Tzu

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