Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mixed Martial Arts Careers

Mixed Martial Arts: Mixed Martial Arts Careers

Today I'm am officially announcing my desire to become a professional fighter. After four (4) years of intense study to get my degree in "Graphic Design," three (3) long hard years of HELL and the cruel reality of the design/advertising industry, I've decided to say FUCK THIS SHIT!!! I've put up with so much bullshit and right now enough is enough. Some people may not understand why I feel this way and others know exactly why I do. (right now I don't feel like explaining in detail.)

Everything I've worked hard for has been nothing more than a lie and my dream has become a nightmare, I feel as though I've wasted valuable years of my life only to be overlooked and pushed to the side for less talented and less qualified people while being crushed under massive amounts of student loan debt. (Now I know the truth about education)

So I've decided to go the route less traveled, as you should already know I'm in the process of starting my own business, (egad apparel) currently I'm researching all of the business certificates and documents I need and where to get them from as well as training for my black belt. Now I'm taking it one step further and I've decided to go pro!

With the current economic downward trend (a.k.a. The 2nd Great Depression) I can't look forward to even attempting to advance my career, i.e. get a better job. In addition to that I've been hit with two (2) back to back financial set backs with the coup de grĂ¢ce looming steadily over head. Instead of sitting and waiting for the inevitable I'm going to be proactive and explore all of my options.

p.s. Bas Rutten is an excellent Martial Artist and I love hearing him speak, he represents Martial Arts and Mixed Martial Arts well.

"...Spread your Awesomeness[!]..." Sun Tzu

Adrian Davis
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