Monday, February 16, 2009

Jogging in West Philadelphia

Today was my second time jogging this year and I certainly felt a lot better than last time. Its only been a few days but my stamina has noticeably increased and my running time as gotten better, also I wasn't so out of breath that I was laying on my living room floor. So I ask my self what next and here is a small plan I came up with
  • More running
  • Yoga, this a very important aspect that most people over look
  • Push Ups, gotta build strength
  • Squats, running isn't the only leg work I need
  • Shadow Boxing, I need to work on my basics
  • Forms / Katas, more basic training
  • Oat meal w/ Flax flakes, the breakfast of Champions!
  • Sleep, the most important part of training

Adrian Davis
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