Sunday, February 15, 2009

Create The Ultimate Martial Art

BandoI am a student of the Salem Bando Club, a school of the American Bando Association. I'm getting back in shape to get my black belt (I went to college before I was old enough to get it)and after that I plan to perfect the style that I've learned. I will first begin with striking, since that is what I know, then move into grappling. I have a strong understanding of combat and martial arts, so I know what will and will not work. The art form will be perfected in battle.

This is my true life long dream that is above all else, even above starting my own t-shirt apparel company. Martial Arts is what got me through the worst years of my life and it is the martial discipline that has facilitated my success in various non-martial undertakings. It has kept me from becoming a sad stereo type and statistic.

In addition to creating this new art form, it will be my way of showing thanks and my way of honoring my teachers Sam C. Willis and Carl G. Beaman. They have dedicated years of their lives teaching me this art form and handing it down to me as it was to them. I understand how important it is and I shall do the same. Their hard work will not be in vein.

I first wrote this on my "43 Things page," then I decided to write it here since it was so long.

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Adrian Davis
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  1. Hello Adrian,

    Wish you luck for the black belt! :)

    This is Priya from SzeWho here. I am writing to know your feedback and/or suggestions regarding the SezWho plug-in and how it has met or did not meet your expectations, if any.

    Your feedback is important to us.

    Look forward to your response.

    Happy Blogging!!


  2. Thanks Priya for the support, I've been working hard juggling a career, start-up research and martial arts.

    I like the SezWho plugin its pretty cool. The only bugs that I've found were on the site, were I had problems adding info to the "about you" part. I gave error and wouldn't process it for a while. Overall, I can't wait to use SezWho a lot more.

    Thanks for the feedback and best of luck.


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